Others Names TenShin
Characters being shipped Matsukaze Tenma

Nishizono Shinsuke

Kind/Type M/M
Ship Day 8/5 (?)
  • they're together a lot
  • become friends almost immediatly, Tenma even brings him over to his room soon after they meet
  • during their first meeting in the anime, there's lots of blushing on Tenma's side
  • usually hold or hug each other after winning matches
  • Tenma was very worried for Shinsuke when he was doubting staying on the team or being goalkeeper, and Shinsuke usually tries to cheer him up when Tenma doubts himself
  • The beginning of the Go movie OP, them in space together to transition into the next scene with a screen of rainbows
  • the last scenes in the second OP, Tenma reaching out his hand to Shinsuke and they both jump up towards a rainbow
  • after the first training session in Galaxy, Tenma is thinking about Shinsuke, upset he's not with him