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RanMasa is a ship hinted in the Inazuma Eleven Go Series, involves Kirino Ranmaru and Kariya Masaki.

Others Names MasaRan
Characters being shipped Kirino Ranmaru

Kariya Masaki

Kind/Type Yaoi
Ship Day 3/15 (March 15th)

Story Edit

  • They are shown to have a rival at the beginning, but later be friends. This may due to Kariya's mean personality.
  • Kariya seems to love making fun of Kirino. He even lies to Kirino that he's a seed, to wind up Kirino.
  • In Inazuma Eleven Go: Chrono Stone, when Kariya is picked to go to the Jeanne d'Arc era, but Kirino isn't, Kariya has faked having a stomachache. Kirino then picked.
  • Kariya seems to understand Kirino a lot. He knows that Kirino is jealous of Shindou, because Shindou has his Mixi-max form and Armed Keshin.


  • The reason why Kariya picked on Kirino

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