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Lalaya X Tsurugi
Lalaya X Tsurugi
Others Names None
Characters being shipped Lalaya Obies

Tsurugi Kyouske

Kind/Type Normal
Ship Day ??/?? (???)

Lalaya X Tsurugi is a ship hinted in the inazuma eleven go galaxy series


  • Galaxy's second opening.
  • In Episode 20 , she was watching Inazuma Japan's match and was interested in Tsurugi when he was doing Bicycle sword, She asked her servant to bring him.
  •  In Episode 24, After Tsurugi was brought to Faram Obius by her order, she had a conversation with him in. She asked Tsurugi to serve for her, which he refused. Later, she brought him a tour around the city and he was impressed by her leadership. After he reluctantly agreed on obeying her, she was happy and suddenly asked him to become her husband.
  • In Episode 25, she said the reason she wants to marry Tsurugi is that he looks like her father, who was great king and knew how to rule right-minded. She wants to make Tsurugi the new king because she believes that he can make right decisions like her father did.


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