HakuFran (はくフラン)
Others Names Antirrhinum, Dragon Flower
Characters being shipped Hakuryuu, Fran
Kind/Type Heterosexual/Ships That Pass in the Night (Like they never even talked)
Ship Day 11/12

Canon Evidence Edit

Hakuryuu's hints Edit

  • He inquired about Fran when she arrived. (Around 32:44 minutes in the movie.)
    • (distrustingly) "Fei, who's that girl"
  • He willingly helped with Tenma's God Hand W to heal Fran's heart.

Fran's hints Edit

  • None (unless you found some.)

Similarities Edit

  • Both of them went through an experiment that was to purposely done to draw out their powers.
    • As a result of those experiments, they tied a lot of their self-worth into fulfilling what they believed in.
      • In Hakuryuu's case, he was brought up to train as part of the experiment group; Zero. Kibayama drilled into his head that if he did not become the ultimate player, then it was as good as worthless.
      • In Fran's case, she went through an absurd amount of physical torture due to the fact that the researchers wish to harness her All Delete powers as a weapon of mass destruction
  • They are both wind element; so if they are near each other, they both get a STAB assist boost (Unless that stopped being a thing in GO)

Dating Headcanons Edit