Gouenji kidou intense eyesex
see this is what im talking about in episode 12 like what the fuck
Others Names Shuuto, trash babies, smart ass cool people
Characters being shipped Gouenji Shuuya

Kidou Yuuto

Kind/Type hella gay
Ship Day 10/10, 10/14 and 10/24 because kidou cant choose a number and stick with it

GouKidou is a ship in Inazuma Eleven where they have intense eyesex a lot and nobody notices idk why


In Episode 2, Kidou literally goes to fight Raimon because of the possibility that Gouenji is there like, what. Also he brings his sakka family in his huge frickin tank. Talk about meet the family amirite

There's also Episode 4 where Kidou just takes Sakuma and Domon out on a "football match thing" and Gouenji is there again like if you like the guy you don't need to be hanging around the school gates, jeez

In Episode 12, Gouenji and Kidou make eye contact for no reason. When they pass each other in the hallway. Like they have no reason to even look at each other let alone have intense eye contact

In Episode 13 Kidou is like "Impressive; Gouenji Shuuya managed to break through Power Shield in such a short amount of time" which is really codename for "look at what the bae did"

In Episode 51 or 52 or whatever they haven't seen each other in months and all it takes is for them to take ONE LOOK at each other and then telepathically know what move they're going to make like wtf??

There's probably more but all you need to know is that they're hella gay

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